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July Healing Gem Stones - Hematite

Geology: Hematite is a non-magnetic iron oxide, which has a hardness of 5 to 6 and is one of the most important iron ores. It is found in Germany, USA, the island of Elba in Italy, Canada, Australia and Sweden. The best healing stones though come from Brazil. Hematite crystallizes in the form of rose-shaped crystals, though these are rare.

Historical Tradition: The ancient Egyptians revered the hematite as a decontaminating stone which gives peace and unfolds its effects in secrecy. Hematite was placed under the pillow of the dead in order to facilitate the way to eternity. Tutankhamen had in his coffin, scarab beetles carved from hematite. In ancient Greece, hematite was valued as the blood of the gods, which could keep the Earth alive. As a talisman, hematite gives protection against evil glances and warns of forthcoming dangers during dreams.

Effects on the Body: Hematite has a wondrous effect on the blood in the body. It protects it from almost all illnesses, including anemia and leukemia. Blood pressure is regulated as well as the cellular structure of the organs too. In addition to its purifying effect, hematite has a very strong decontamination action. This decontamination effect is not limited to the body, but also decontaminates our aura and the whole of the environment.

Hematite Elixir: Hematite water taken regularly in the morning on an empty stomach has not only a very positive stimulating effect on the circulation as a whole and the lymphatic system, but it is also a donor of iron which delivers iron to the body in an easily digestible form. Vitality, a fresh and young appearance are just a few symptoms which can be achieved by using hematite water.

Effects on the Mind: Hematite gives us more spontaneity and soulfulness. We learn to be more independent again and we are able to take life in our own hands with more confidence. Envious, false friends and colleagues can be recognized by us and their power will be subdued by our willpower. Hematite constructs a protective field around us which enables us to be more courageous, more carefree and more conscious of our goals. Mental tension, which affects the functioning of the organs, will be alleviated with the help of hematite, particularly with hematite roses.

June Healing Gem Stones - Garnet

Geology: Garnet is a magnesium-aluminum mineral and has a hardness of 7 to 7.5. It exists in the most diverse range of colors. The most well known is the red garnet, which is also called pyrope. Sites where it is found are spread throughout the world.

Historical Tradition: Garnet has traditionally belonged to those stones which have a special importance for almost all peoples. It belongs to the group of 29 stones, which since antiquity have been revered as the foundation stones of life. According to tradition, Noah’s ark was lit by the light of a large garnet. For the Indians, garnet was the essence of the liberating primeval fire of transformation. The name garnet comes from the Latin word Granatus, which means corn, as it is often found at secondary sites in the form of grains. It is also called “Carfunculus”, which means “glowing stone”.

Effects on the Body: Garnet strengthens the heart, controls the heart rhythm and heartbeat, and protects the heart against coronary diseases. It regulates blood pressure and strengthens the whole circulatory system. It stimulates the production of white corpuscles and provides protection against anemia. Garnets can increase or decrease the sex drive, as well as alleviate apathy, despondency and depression. Garnet also indirectly strengthens, in addition to the heart, the kidneys, the liver, spleen and pancreas.

Garnet Elixir: Garnet water drank in the morning, will strengthen the entire circulatory system as well as preventing leukemia. It also has an activating effect on the internal and external sex organs.

Effects on the Mind: Garnet has over the centuries, proven itself to be a guardian of true friendship. False friends are driven away and, similar to the carbuncle stone, the garnet has been shown to offer true service in marriage. In a relationship, if the color of the garnet that you may be wearing changes (lighter or darker) this shows a need to speak to your partner about pent-up frustrations and the need to clear the air. Due to its strong power, garnet will help you to achieve greater willpower and self-confidence, and will give you the desired success you are driving for.

May Healing Gem Stones - Peridot

Geology: Peridot is a magnesium iron silicate. Its hardness is between 6 and 7.5. Peridots are found in most volcanic areas of the Earth. These places yield small chips usually. Crystals and transparent stones thumb-nail size can be found in Eifel, Germany, the Canary Islands and Burma. The most attractive and largest Peridots come from Arizona and New Mexico.

Historical Tradition: Peridot, which is also called olivine or chrysolite, has been valued as a semi-precious and healing stone for thousands of years. It was first found on the Red Sea island of Zebirget. The Greeks and the Romans both mined that island till they exhausted the supply on the island. They believed that Peridot should be worn on the breast plate, as did Moses, to protect you in battle and against your enemies.

Effects on the Body: Peridot primarily protects the wearer against any disorders in the chest area. Among these are the heart, thymus gland and the lungs. In the thymus gland it produces those enzymes important for circulation and controlling the immune system. By wearing a Peridot chain, the sebaceous glands of the skin are activated and controlled. With this gland activated, Peridot gives us softer skin that is better supplied with moisture.

Peridot Elixir: Using a 16, 24 or 32 oz mason jar with mineral water (not tap), allow approximately 6 "chip-sized" Peridot stones to draw overnight in 1/2 to 1 quart of mineral water. Drinking a 6-8 oz. glass on an empty stomach in the morning as either water or tea can have healing effects on the body as listed above. It will also help strengthen the immune system.

Effects on the Mind: Peridot has very deep effects on the immune system and on inner harmony. It gives the wearer a positive attitude towards life. Negative feelings, such as jealousy, egotism and lack of feeling can be transformed with the aid of Peridot into positive light. Melancholy and depression disappear and we achieve better contact with the environment.

May Healing Gem Stones - Petalite

Geology: Petalite is a marble which is rich in calcium. Inclusions of iron and manganese make it appear reddish or pink. It has a hardness of 4 to 5. The sites where Petalite can be found are in Australia, Scandinavia, Italy, Namibia and China.

Historical Tradition: Very little history about Petalite has been recorded. It has traditionally used as a meditating stone for the last hundred years or so.

Effects on the Body: Petalite is a very gentile healing stone. It penetrates with a very powerful healing effect into the lymph system and strengthens hormone production for metabolism. Petalite also provides great support for mineral metabolism in the tissues. Cramps in the calf muscle or the jaw, which appear unexpectedly, can be healed with the aid of Petalite. Through its fine oscillations, Petalite controls heart rhythm, blood pressure and heart rate.

Petalite Elixir: Using a 16, 24 or 32 oz mason jar with mineral water (not tap), allow 3 walnut (shelled) sized Petalite stones to draw overnight in 1/2 to 1 quart of mineral water. Drinking a 6-8 oz. glass on an empty stomach in the morning as either water or tea can have healing effects on the body as listed above.

Effects on the Mind: Petalite penetrates very gently into our minds and harmonizes living together in partnership. It gives more trust and balance, and it offers protection against damage to the mind caused by the tone of music. It offers protection against matters of secondary importance that may result in over-sensitive reactions in our fine nervous system.

April Healing Gem Stones - Moonstone

Geology: Moonstone is a potassium-aluminum silicate and is a member of the feldspar group. Sodium gives the Moonstone its characteristic opalescent properties which are readily visible in clear stones. It has a hardness of 6 to 6.5. It can be found in Brazil, USA and Madagascar but the most attractive ones are fond in Sri Lanka and India.

Historical Tradition: Although this stone first became popular as a healing stone at the end of the 18th century, Moonstone had already had an important role in the times of the ancient Greeks and Romans. It was said that it strengthened the power of the moon on the Earth. It also has an effect on the fertility of any woman. In India, Sri Lanka and many Arab countries they sew a Moonstone into their clothing to produce large numbers of children. Wearing a Moonstone chain harmonizes the mind and provides health protection.

Effects on the Body: Moonstone has very powerful effects on the characteristics of women. The effects it has on the pituitary gland gives hormonal balance is controlled and harmonized. Moonstone has a strong influence on the glandular system of the thyroid gland, spleen, pancreas and lymph glands. Laying Moonstone on a woman's abdomen produces as harmony between ovulation and the mucous membranes of the uterus which receive the fertilized eggs. It also aids in a more intense digestion of foods and prevents and ends cancers in the intestinal tract.

Moonstone Elixir: Using a 16, 24 or 32 oz mason jar with mineral water (not tap), allow 3 walnut -sized (shelled) Moonstones to draw overnight in 1/2 to 1 quart of mineral water. Drinking a 6-8 oz. glass on an empty stomach in the morning as either water or tea can be used very effectively for all the items listed above. In addition, it harmonizes the hormones of adrenaline, estrogen, insulin and testosterone reaching the organs where they are needed without hindrance. A new purity of the blood is also achieved as well as a protection against skin and breast cancer.

Effects on the Mind: Moonstone penetrates into the hormonal and emotional world of women. Through its harmonizing effects, it creates greater fertility and joy of life, and it helps to develop a particularly close relationship with the family. Moonstone takes away anxiety about surgical intervention and about the future. It maintains in women, right up to "old age", more joy of life, a youthful appearance and desirable attractiveness. In the form of a Moonstone chain it produces greater harmony and balance during the time when there are fluctuations in hormones, before and after menstruation and during pregnancy.

April Healing Gem Stones - Obsidian

Gold Obsidian - Mahogany Obsidian - Rainbow Obsidian - Smokey Obsidian (Apache Tears) - Snowflake Obsidian

Geology: Obsidians are magmatic, silicon rich effusive rocks which receive their characteristic color from the mixing of iron, manganese and titanium.

Historical Tradition: Obsidian can be found as far back as the Stone Age. Excavations have found arrowheads and knives carved from Obsidian. The Greeks believed that Obsidian is the stone of reality which could give the wearer greater illumination into the clouds through the dark clouds and would help people who had become entangled in fantasies and day-dreaming. The Indians in Mexico and Central America revered Obsidian as an important protective stone which could keep anything bad from the body of the wearer. The Rainbow Obsidian was revered in the highest regard since they believed that when their gods came to Earth, they lived in the shining Rainbow Obsidian and spoke to them through it. Mahogany Obsidian was regarded as a fertility stone to them.

Effects on the Body:

Gold Obsidian: Gold Obsidian is a bringer of light and is distinguished from other Obsidians with its shiny gold surface. This Obsidian particularly helps people who suffer from neuroses and psychological disturbances. Among these are anxiety, fear and deep depression which cannot be linked to being caused by the body.

Mahogany Obsidian: Mahogany Obsidian helps in the case of allergies and inflammations not caused by a bacterial infection. It increases the production of antibodies and helps with the digestive tract by allowing the good bacteria to be able to properly do its job. It also strengthens all other organs involved in the digestive process.

Rainbow Obsidian: Rainbow Obsidian can penetrate deep into any and all organs because of its fantastic colors. In the brain it controls the nervous system and harmonizes between the left and right sides of the brain, as well as the nerve fibers and spinal cord that coordinate precision skilled movements. It also heightens all our senses and harmonizes the digestive tract.

Smokey Obsidian (a.k.a. Apache Tears): Apache Tears relieve and heal internal disorders and apathy. They harmonize disorders of digestion, stomach disorders and intestinal ailments brought on by stress, and indeed, they can heal gastric ulcers. It strengthens the gastric mucous membranes and thereby ensures better digestion of proteins.

Snowflake Obsidian: Snowflake Obsidian alleviates illnesses and infections that are caused by foreign bodies and viruses. Among these are fungi and inflammation of the stomach, intestines and appendix, as well as diseases such as hepatitis, chicken pox, herpes, influenza and measles.

Obsidian Elixir: Using a 16, 24 or 32 oz mason jar with mineral water (not tap), allow 3 walnut (shelled) sized Obsidian stones to draw overnight in 1/2 to 1 quart of mineral water. Drinking a 6-8 oz. glass on an empty stomach in the morning as either water or tea can have healing effects on the body as listed above.

Effects on the Mind:

Gold Obsidian: With the aid of Gold Obsidian, you can experience deep mental purification.

Mahogany Obsidian: Mahogany Obsidian enters the mind much more sensitively than other Obsidians. It activates the ability to apply logic and increase our power of concentration.

Rainbow Obsidian: Rainbow Obsidian helps us better recognition of the functions of our organs giving us awareness of our mental and physical dependences and addictions.

Smokey Obsidian (a.k.a. Apache Tears): Apache Tears provide the wearer with the ability to see approaching dangers and to anticipate future situations possibly allowing us to actually see the future.

Snowflake Obsidian: Snowflake Obsidian allows us to see more light in our lives and our everyday actions. It also helps us recognize that very deep-lying hurdles we must overcome before we can reach this light.

February Healing Gem Stones - Moldavite

Geology: Moldavite belongs, like meteorite and tektite, to the “messengers” from another world. It does not originate from the earth. It belongs to the glass meteorites and, in the interior of the stone, there are tiny gas bubbles which indicate a negative pressure which proves that it is from the cosmos. In contrast to other meteorites, Moldavite is a transparent green. Its hardness is not measured. Moldavite can be found in southern Bohemia and the Czech Republic.

Historical Tradition: According to the latest research, scientists believe that Moldavites are creating parts of the crust of huge meteorites which broke off and impacted Earth about 15 million years ago. This meteor made a huge crater more than 50 miles in diameter in Nordlingen Ries near Stuttgart, Germany. When this meteorite entered the Earth’s atmosphere, the tremendous heat caused small parts of the meteorite’s crust to be scattered all over Bohemia and the Czech Republic.

Effects on the Body: Moldavite heals, in particular, those diseases which are caused by infections. The Moldavite especially strengthens the immune system and protects the blood from disease. At the same time, it strengthens the white corpuscles which are responsible for providing defense against infections and the destruction of bacteria. Moldavite absorbs iron and protects the bone marrow which is responsible for the formation of white blood cells. Moldavite provides great protection for the skin, preventing metastases and protection against skin cancer.

Moldavite Elixir: This is not of this Earth and should NOT be used in an elixir. Effects on the Mind: Moldavite gives its owner more conscious life energy and joy, and it provides harmony in partnerships. It strengthens the ability to remember. People who tend to be greedy, quarrelsome, dogmatic and out of touch, should certainly wear moldavite as a harmony stone around the neck. Moldavite is used by many practitioners as a stone to lift your vibrations of your body to a higher level of consciousness, achieving a lifting of the spirit to a new awareness.

February Healing Gem Stones - Mookaite

Geology: Mookaite belongs to the family of jaspers and consequently to the quartz group. It has a hardness of 7. Different concentrations of iron and calcium give this stone its characteristic red with white or yellowish speckled inclusions appearance. The sites, where it is found, are limited to China and a few sites in Western Australia.

Historical Tradition: Mookaite is a stone which was used in ancient China as a means for curing illnesses. Only a little of the knowledge of the properties of this stone were passed down in tradition, and it was only after the discovery and colonization of Australia that these were once more brought to mind. The aborigines of Australia referred to Mookaite as coagulated blood of the Earth. Even today Mookaite is valued as a powerful healing stone.

Effects on the Body: Mookaite has a very powerful healing and activating effect on the skin. In this context, it is not limited to the external skin, but also penetrates into the inner membranes of the organs and nerves. Mookaite regulates the thermal ecology of the body and, at the same time, it protects the skin against too much penetration by sunlight. Due to the activation of the nerve endings that pass through the various layers of the skin, Mookaite is also able to remove inflammations, infections and catarrh, which are in the deep-lying layers of our body. Mookaite is also very effective in relation to illnesses caused by colds and infectious diseases. It not only provides relief for coughs and pain associated with the throat, but it also heals the frontal sinuses, nasal cavities and maxillary sinuses. Psychosomatic disorders, such as stuttering, trembling, profuse sweating and shivering can, with the aid of Mookaite, be healed in a short period of time.

Mookaite Elixir: Using a 16 oz mason jar with mineral water (not tap), allow 3 walnut (shelled) sized Mookaite stones to draw overnight in 1/2 quart of mineral water. Drinking a 6-8 oz. glass on an empty stomach in the morning as either water or tea can be used very effectively against eczema, infected wounds, insect bites and pimples. If you add Amethyst to this elixir your protection increases dramatically. In combination with a clear crystal and red jasper, Mookaite can also prevent carcinomas that form malignant tumors on the surface of organs, tissues, skin and mucous membranes.

Effects on the Mind: Mookaite gives greater harmony to the wearer between his or her mental and physical needs. It is a stone which provides a valuable service to our bodies indirectly via the skin. After all, the skin is the largest organ of the human body.

Mookaite not only keeps bad influences away from the body, but it also helps to flush out the negative and burdening factors which have already penetrated our bodies.

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