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What is Nature's Mineral Elixirs? Nature's Mineral Elixirs is a Tucson, AZ business providing people with natural gemstone mineral elixirs. Our natural product, brought to you by nature itself, has been found to heal many problems that you may suffer from.
What is included in each elixir kit? Each elixir contains 1 Mason Jar, Necessary Gemstones For Treatment, Recipe of Elixir and an Instruction Pamphlet.
How long does shipping take to receive my elixir? Please allow 3-5 days for shipping when item is In Stock and allow 15-30 days for shipping when item is Out of Stock.
What is the companion stone? The companion stone is one gemstone wrapped in copper wire attached to a fabric string worn as a necklace to enhance the body's healing process.
How much does shipping cost? Each kit includes a $5 shipping fee, each recipe includes a $1 shipping fee and each companion stone includes a $1 shipping fee.
Can I purchase these elixirs in person? Yes, you can join us at the Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair in Tucson, AZ once a month on select Sundays, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Check out our events page for the dates of events.
If one lives in Tucson, other than the monthly psychic fair, is there any other way to pick up kits outside of mailing them? We are currently working on finding metaphysical shops in Tucson to carry our elixirs. Stay tuned to our web site.
Do the kits contain the recipe for that kit? Do you have to buy all recipes separate? Yes included in the kit is a list of the stones in the elixir. The recipes are also available for each individual elixir. This would allow you to purchase your own stones or use ones you may already have.
Do you sell mineral water or do you offer suggested mineral waters to use for recipes? There are many mineral waters available. We have had success with Nestle's water as well as Kirkland. Arrowhead isn't too bad but stay away from Dasani.
Watch out for any waters that are made with reverse osmosis, that do not add minerals back into the water.
Can you only use the stones once to make the elixirs? The stones in the elixirs will last longer on this Earth than any of us. If you have used an elixir, and are healed, pass them on to another so they can heal too.

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